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The Peter Satera Playlist

2013-09-19 11:12:46 by EvilRaccoon

Hey Everyone, here's a quick update from me. for anyone who is interested in the listen while having my stuff in the background here's a Peter Satera Playlist!


Would love to see some playlists from you guys! If you have one, link me!


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2013-09-19 19:47:16

Thanks to this, my face melted like 18 times in the last 2 hours.

I've known your music for a while (fav'd you after "Apocalypse 2012 "), but listening to all your work at once is really an experience. It's so powerful and so empowering at the same time -- having this on in the background makes the mundane tasks I was doing seemed so important, almost heroic. *Cymbal swell* Here I come chopping carrots!! *Epic choir shouts*

So yeah, thank you for continuing to share your work with us. Keep doing what you're doing!

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks very much Gadory! Ive been a bit slow at making music recently as other things have been taking priority however i do have a track pending I have to create, so hopefully we'll get something soon from me. :)


2013-09-20 07:33:12

This is just what I needed! just perfect :)
I have to be everyday in the university library, cause I have to study the next 3 weeks for an exam. The library is really new, stylish and modern, and with your music playing in the background (headphones) is for me the perfect ambience for studying. I used to study allways with the tv on, and since I don't have a tv, I cannot concentrate.
I tryed your playlist and i didn't notice I was studying for four hours without distractions. Now I made an exeption just to write this :D

EvilRaccoon responds:

That's fantastic! I had no idea you could study to this, but im very pleased that you find it useful. More importantly good luck with the studies and of course the exam! :)