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Goodbye to my Art

2014-05-02 10:31:11 by EvilRaccoon

Hi there, you may be wondering, what has happened to all my art, and why have I deleted it?

Well, due to recent theiving many have taken alot of my art and used it within environments I did not allow for their own personal gain, photoshopping out the copyright watermarks I added to them then adding their own name.  To restrict this from happening further I have stopped sharing all artworks here and on DeviantArt.  Apologies as some of them we're really liked and favorited but I can't take the chance anymore with thieves.



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2014-05-02 10:49:33

Well, you can print the drawing, frame it and take of picture of yourself holding it, that way you can at least promote your art without someone else stealing it.

EvilRaccoon responds:

That's actually not a bad idea. However people could still crop me out. If they are willing to get rid of my copyright symbols and put their own in, cropping to them is just as simple. Thanks though for the idea!


2014-05-02 11:40:13

If you delete your art how you will prove that you uploaded this first?

EvilRaccoon responds:

I have working time stamps, and high rez renders, models and source files. So if someone takes it off of google and makes money from it, then i'll be hunting them down.


2014-05-02 12:52:24

To bad man :/. Fuck them thieves :(!. I'm sick of 'em.
It's the reason why people can't freely share their stuff anymore.
Recently I sent a preview of one of my WIP's to one of my most loyal fans on soundcloud. Guess what he did? Yup u guessed right.
He stole my song and uploaded it to soundcloud as his own. And it's not like I can do anything about it as. I was stupid enough to send him the song. Well now I'll have to make it like 10x better to show him the difference of someone who strives to make original and thieves.

Seriously. Fuck 'em thieves :P.

EvilRaccoon responds:

yeah totally agree. these guys are awful. Its awful to think someone you trusted would throw that all away just so they could steal one track.. Sorry to hear that. :(


2014-05-02 13:02:19

What a shame! Have you been calling any of these guys out?

EvilRaccoon responds:

It was too hard to track down. My images were spread across the web in multiple languages and platforms. Published on android apps too, which no longer had support, so there was no way I could get them down. :(


2014-05-02 14:04:54

Can you at least share really bad artwork that you do not care about?

EvilRaccoon responds:

lol, sure. :P


2014-05-02 20:44:13

That is pretty horrible news -_-
Same with you, Enochcity :/

This is one of the many curses of the internet, I guess o.O


2014-05-02 21:47:51

sometimes, I mourn for humanity


2014-05-03 04:56:14

Peter, let's steal something too :)

EvilRaccoon responds:

ahk, cant be assed dealing with the repercussion ;P


2014-05-03 14:20:58

Now due to the lack of any art you have people will not know if they saw your stolen art beside if your art have been spreaded then that mean you should be happy because you are now famous and people like you arts and a minor people should not really get you down , take for example Microsoft office, lots of people pirate it but still people they used bussinesses to get there profit from .


2014-05-03 15:40:42

can you post on your own private website?


2014-05-03 22:50:46

stick the copyright symbol in a pattern, translucnent and all over the artwork, meaning they would have to seriously damage the work to remove it


2014-05-15 20:04:09

Good thing I saved all of your images to one of my folders. Now I can increase the price on them since they are no longer available to the public.

EvilRaccoon responds:

lol. *shakes fist.
There's always one! Good thing you told me though. So i know its you. ;)


2014-05-19 19:27:29

Good for you.

EvilRaccoon responds:

Sorry, I don't feed trolls. Move along. lol


2014-07-15 13:41:38

The heck is wrong with people to be so gleefully parasitic to steal graphics to try and prosper from it, why dont they just emediately do it big and try to steal a painting from a museum if thats the road they want to travel.


p.s. y u so handsome peter. (@ profile pic)

EvilRaccoon responds:

Yeah, it's a bit of shame... :/ a bit annoyed that they were profiting from it.

lol@ the profile pic! Thanks ^_^. I'm a bit more "plump" these days due to all the hours in a chair. Gonna get rid of the excess soon though. :P


2014-08-10 18:21:39

Should've linked to the stolen art and let your fans spam the comments with "stolen art" comments and the like.

EvilRaccoon responds:

It was unfortunately added to mobile apps all around the world. So it would have been really difficult to track the guys down and tell them to take it off. Especially since they were for China. :(